Donít be fooled by anyone that tells you planning and executing your ideal wedding will be simple. There is a lot to do. If you set about the multitude of tasks in an organised way though, you can have it all stress-free. This site is going to guide you through everything from cakes to checklists, receptions to rings.
First of all, scrap that calendar youíve scribbled on so much that it gives you a headache just to look at it. We are going have you confidently in control of your special day Ė and we are going to start from scratch!

Hereís how it goes:

  • Research
  • Meeting
  • Booking & Ordering
  • Finalizing
  • Rehearsal
  • Wedding!

Does that make sense?
Bear in mind that every step you perform well will make the next one even easier. Donít be afraid to delegate tasks. We all know that when it comes to wedding planning, the bride is boss, but itís also common knowledge that she has to look the most dazzling on the big day. Get yourself a team of efficient and trustworthy people to cover certain things so that you donít lose days of beauty sleep and end up looking like the bride of Dracula.